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Alexandru Gheorghe

GDPR & Privacy Consultant. Founder

As a legal counsel, Alex is passionate about online businesses and especially e-commerce domain. He holds a Data Protection Officer certification by PECB Europe and a Trainer certificate by A.N.C.

Alex specializes in commercial law, personal data protection, consumer law, contract law, labor law, corporations and startups, due diligence, intellectual property, conflict mediation, legal and e-commerce projects management.

Alex has a total experience of 13 years as an in-house legal adviser, offering legal advice and support to internationally-owned companies from Romania and within the European Union. In his professional career, he has experienced three mergers preceded by complex due diligence procedures. He has formed and led the Fashion Days legal department for over 6 years, had (or still has) collaborations with several online and offline companies in Romania such as Miniprix, Best Value and Crew Shop, TheStartups, BusinessMark, Ollie Gang Shop, Modarena, Eljado, Northfinder, Nooh Media, Wirom GAS, Liberty Mall, RainbowIdea and Qeops Solutions, as well as an Irish start-up named PowerTiz.

Currently, he represents several companies from Romania as a Data Protection Officer and offers advice on personal data protection (GDPR) matters, e-privacy and business continuity strategies. He also provides trainings and workshops on data protection and security of personal data with a strong focus on e-commerce and consumer rights.

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