Cybersecurity Consultancy

(ISO 27032, NIST Cybersecurity Framework)

Plan B must accompany Plan A at all times.

Most companies don’t plan for failure, they only plan for success! If you are interested in our cybersecurity consultancy services, you may be aware that your organization has potential vulnerabilities that may be exploited in the online world. Sooner or later, we will be victims of the cybercriminals because where information is, there will always be someone interested to steal it, just as fraud follows money, wherever money is.

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Initiation of the Cybersecurity Program

Understanding the organisation (mission, cybersecurity objectives, business environment, etc.).

Identification of critical assets that need to be protected.

Cybersecurity Gap Analysis Report.

Legal and regulatory conformity with Cybersecurity applicable legislation (ex: EU Directive 2022/2555 - NIS2 - concerning measures for high common level of security of network and information systems across the Union).

Draft the Cybersecurity Policy

Development of the program plan identifying program risks, costs, resources and potential delays.

Define the scope.

Establish the role and responsibilities of the Cybersecurity Incident Response Team (CIRT).

Promote internal awareness against cybersecurity threats.

Draft the Busines Continuity Policy and IT Incident Response Management Policy

Settling the business continuity objectives.

Draft the Business Continuity Plan.

Cybersecurity Incident Management Plan.

Draft the Information Security Incident Response Policy.

Awareness & Training

Training and awareness in class or remote video – sessions with your staff (employees or collaborators).

Personnel awareness Cybersecurity tests.

Real - case presentation and analysis.

Development of internal Cybersecurity training program.

Team-up with Start-ups and SMBs (IMM)


We are ready to team up with you in securing your organization’s critical assets for the long run. Our goals are to provide best practice cybersecurity consultancy in order to protect the overall security of your organization’s cyberspace, to plan for emergencies and crisis for continuity of critical operations, to educate internal and external stakeholders to insure effective cyber-hygiene and last but not least, to ensure a timely, relevant and accurate threat information sharing.