AI Ethics

AI must serve us all; if AI serves only the developer and not the user, the AI model is unethical.

We specialize in advising organizations on ethical and legal issues related to the development and deployment of AI technologies. Our role is to ensure that the use of AI is in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations and aligned with ethical principles and best practices.

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Legal provisions implementation into the Artificial Intelligence technologies

Advising on regulatory requirements related to AI, such as ethics-by-design and ethics-by default concepts, data protection laws, intellectual property laws, and cybersecurity regulations.

Developing and implementing AI ethics policies and frameworks to guide the development and use of AI technologies.

Conducting risk assessments and providing guidance on potential ethical risks deriving from the AI Regulation associated with the use of AI.

Advising on issues related to bias, fairness, and accountability in AI, and working to ensure that AI technologies are designed and deployed in an ethical and responsible manner.

Providing guidance on the responsible use of AI in sensitive areas such as healthcare, finance, and criminal justice.

Collaborating with other stakeholders, such as data scientists, engineers, and business leaders, to ensure that AI is developed and deployed in a manner that is aligned with ethical and legal principles.