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Privacy (GDPR) consultant & Cybersecurity Program Implementer. Founder

As a legal counsel, Alexandru is passionate about Data Privacy, Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence from a regulatory point of view. Alexandru is also specialized in the European e- commerce specific regulatory field. He holds a Data Protection Officer certification by PECB Europe, a Cybersecurity Program Implementer Certificate by PECB Europe, a Legal Design Expert Certificate by Legal Creatives and a Trainer certificate by A.N.C.

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Profile Alexandru Gheorghe
PECB Lead Cybersecurity Manager, PECB Data Protection OfficerLegal Creatives - Certified Legal Design Professional

Alex is a Senior Legal Counsel with an overall experience of 17 years +, combining corporate, commercial and consumer law with Data Privacy expertise and entrepreneurial experience. Alexandru is certified as a Data Protection Officer with PECB in Romania (2018), is certified as a Cybersecurity Program Implementor – ISO 27032 (2020) with PECB in Estonia and has also expertise in Legal Design with a degree as a Legal Design Expert Practitioner (Montreal, Canada, 2021).

As a Legal Counsel, Alexandru worked in several financial companies including bank and debt recovery companies, coordinated the Global Privacy Program of a Global Automotive company and was Head of the Legal Department of a major online company with important market share in South and Eastern Europe. His portfolio includes privacy related projects developed in Ireland and Austria.

Alexandru is a Senior Data Privacy Consultant with more than 5 years of experience in data protection & privacy, representing several companies as a Data Protection Officer and has implemented several privacy programs for various organisations, with a strong focus in Online and E-commerce. Over the last 5 years, Alexandru participated and organised several Privacy Events (workshops and conferences) and devoted his time to cultivate data privacy and cybersecurity knowledge and awareness in the Romanian business landscape in particular, and in the European data privacy market, in general.

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